New Publication Available

Date: Monday, 31 December 2018
Author: Rev Andrew R Allan

THE CHURCH: ITS NATURE, ORDINANCES AND OFFICES is a new publication which deals with the principles and practices of the Christian Church, covering its nature, government, membership, discipline,  worship, sacraments and offices. It is written from a convinced Presbyterian and Reformed perspective and brings out clearly the responsibilities of the visible Church on earth to Christ as its Head and the Holy Scriptures as His Word.

This is a substantial book of 394 pages and is a publication of Scottish Reformed Heritage Publications. It is now available on the Lulu web-site ( and other internet book-selling sites such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Ingram. The cost is £12, plus post in the UK. It is also available direct from the author: 

Rev John W Keddie, 19 Newton Park, Kirkhill, Inverness-shire, IV5 7QB  (T: 01463 831896/E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

“I have great pleasure in recommending this fine new publication. This book presents to the reader the truths and principles which should be observed in all aspects of genuine church life. It aims to be true to the Bible, faithful to Christ, and therefore, as a consequence, profitable to all who sincerely seek to live and serve in the church to the glory of God.”   

– Maurice Roberts