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News from Spain

Date: Thursday, 27 April 2017
Author: Rev William B Scott

Conference Miranda 500 at Miranda de Ebro

The programme is almost complete for this Conference, when we expect visitors and speakers from France, Colombia, Chicago, Spain and Scotland. God willing, we meet from Wednesday 9th to Saturday 13th May in the Miranda Youth Hostel, closing with worship services on the Lord’s Day 14th May in the Miranda Church.

Among those expected to share will of course be Rev Dr Jorge Ruiz, our minister in Spain, with Rev Jose Fernandez, who comes originally from Costa Rica but now pastors a Spanish speaking congregation in Chicago and heads up an online Spanish language Bible School, with students from North and South America. Mr Ruiz will speak on the First Seven Years of the Reformation in France and seek to answer the question, Has the Church of Rome really changed? Mr Fernandez will address the issue of a Costa Rica Christian’s Evaluation of American Evangelicalism.

Those attending can expect to hear, from Scotland, Rev Maurice Roberts on Reformation in the Old Testament under Ezra and Nehemiah, and the Place of Women in the Church, and he is to be one of the preachers on the Lord’s Day. Rev John MacLeod, Portmahomack, will address John Calvin and the Sovereignty of God, John Knox and Biblical Presbyterianism, and the use of the Shorter Catechism. Rev James MacInnes will present a paper on Martin Luther and Justification by Faith, and on Nurturing and Maturing small groups without a Pastor. Rev Dr James Millar will speak on the Lutheran and Calvinist understanding of the Lord’s Supper. Time will be set apart for prayer, and also for discussion.

It is hoped that some of our brethren from Spain, Colombia and Chicago will be able to spend a few days in and around Edinburgh, and attend our General Assembly after the Conference.

This link will let you know more about the Conference (the text is in Spanish, so you will need to get a translation):

Camps at Espinosa de los Monteros

Here we hope to meet for a Congregational Camp or “Retiro” (Retreat) from Friday 11th to Monday 14th of August, followed by a short Youth Camp from Monday 14th to Friday 18th August. This too is to take place at the same Youth Hostel in a most beautiful area of Spain (Look up Espinosa, Miranda and Rubi (Barcelona) on google maps to find out where we hope to meet). Rev Ruiz and Rev Tim McGlynn expect to lead throughout the whole week. God willing, leaders and campers at our camp in Badaguish at the end of July hope to welcome Ivan, Anna and Tomas from Bilbao and Miranda, and the McGlynn family hope to have a few senior campers from Scotland join them for the week in Spain. Both hostels are really good, basic, comfortable and clean hotels with full board.

Reformed Conference in Rubi, Barcelona

Later in the year from Thursday 12th to 15th October the Barcelona part of the congregation, meeting in Rubi, look forward to hosting a small conference with the sole purpose of seeking to stimulate interest in the Reformation, God’s Word, God’s (Reformed) Worship and God’s Christ, the Sole Head of the Church. Rev David Blunt and Rev Raymond Kemp hope to address the first three Solas of the Reformation on the evenings of Thursday to Friday and preach an appropriate sermon each on the Lord’s Day, to bring out the truth expressed in the final two Solas. The five Solas of the Reformation are of course, Sola Scriptura, Sola Gratia, Sola Fide, Sola Christus, and Soli Dei Gloria or Scripture Alone, Grace Alone, Faith Alone, Christ Alone and Glory to God Alone. All of the above are huge undertakings for the small Bilandalona congregation, with much of the burden falling on Rev and Mrs Michaela Ruiz, Oscar and Libardo in Bilbao, and Wilson, Oscar, Pepe, with we trust Pastor Lopez, in Rubi, Barcelona. Transport and costs for the local members will be the main issues.

Ordination of Two Elders on Saturday 13th of the May Conference (D.V.)

We give thanks to the Lord that in His great goodness and mercy He has provided the congregation, that now includes a Preaching Station in Pau, South West France, with two very special men whom the Session have put forward to the congregation to be ordained as elders. They are Wilson, married to Martha, with their daughter Katerina, who live in Rubi (Barcelona), and Hugues, married to Diane, with two little girls. Wilson has been involved with the congregation since it first began to gather, and has served faithfully. Hugues is finishing his studies in Rev Ruiz’s online Seminary. He has been used of the Lord in gathering a little group in Pau. He is a native French speaker with excellent Spanish.

We would commend all of the above and all involved in any way to your ongoing prayers.

Rev Bill Scott

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