Newsletter from Sri Lanka

Date: Friday, 05 October 2018
Author: Rev Shanmugam N V Partheepan

Dear Friends,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

It is my pleasure to inform you of what God has done in our land. We are very thankful to Almighty God who helps us a lot and teaches us His way and shows us His Grace. When we looked back and see His providence, what an encouragement this is to us! We fail, but He is faithful!

Congregation in Vavuniya

Our congregation here is not growing fast numerically but they are growing in the knowledge of Christ and His grace. Around 45 people meet for the  morning service and around 75 in the evening, including children. It is good to see youths growing spiritually and helping us in our ministry. They are facing lots of problems in the world but they are enjoying protection from our Lord. Two of our teenage girls came forward at our last communion, made profession of faith and I baptized them. It was really a joy for us and encouraging too. God is proving to us that He is with us always and telling us through these baptisms to keep going forward. 

The owners of the land on which our current church building is sited have put the land up for sale. Because of this we think it is better to move our own land which we own nearby. This is not an easy matter to do, but we need to pray for God’s will in this matter. 

Mission - Mulatheevu

Here we are gathering of around 25 to 30 in the morning and 30 to 35 in the evening. Most of the people in our mission are spiritual babies and we need more time to feed them. I am giving a considerable amount of time to them for their instruction according to my capacity. I can see development in their understanding of the Word of God. Please do pray for them continually for spiritual growth. One of the biggest problem in this mission outreach is transport. When there is heavy rain it is difficult for them to come to the church. We are praying for a three-wheeler for transportation. 

Sabbath School 

In Vavuniya around 45 – 50 children come regularly to the Sabbath School which is very encouraging to us. Sadly, however, some of them are not keen to study the Bible. We are praying for them regularly. Two girls from the village from which they come said to me, “We have stopped going to the Hindu temple and we know our sins and that Christ is the only Saviour to forgive our sins. We would love to be baptised.” These children are coming also to the morning and evening service.    

In our Mullatheevu mission around 16 children come to the Sabbath School there. Two girls there are very keen to know Christ and are struggling with assurance. We need to pray for them. 


Our evangelist, Mr. P Piratheepan, is doing a reasonable work in the mission in Mullatheevu and spending time visiting new homes. Out of these, two families have started coming to worship. But we do not know as yet what their interest is, but we pray that the Lord will work in them. He also helps in Vavuniya doing some evangelism with Mr. K Sajanthan who works in the church office. I am personally encouraging him to do more work for the Lord and that God will bless His word. A three-wheeler would help in evangelism too. 

Ceylon Christian Care (CCC) Projects

Pre-school Nursery

The Pre-school nursery is running reasonably well. The number of children is down a little with around 21 attending. I visit the nursery from time to time. The children's learning and behaviour are remarkable and the teacher works hard. They pray before school starts and before they eat, which is really good. The parents of the children are very supportive this year to the teacher in all the activities. 

Bible School

The Bible school has also been running fairly well and around 12 students from various places and churches attend. Some students are very keen to study and others are not that keen, but they get solid teaching from us. It is discouraging that there are no new students applying for next year. We continue to invite men to come. If there are no new student for next year, we have to stop this program. Please pray for God’s will in this project. 

Education Help 

We are helping 15 students in Vavuniya and in Mullatheevu with their education. The families of the students are very thankful to CCC. Whenever we arrange any church events they send the children without any questions to our programs. Most of the students are coming to our Sabbath School also. 


  1.  1. FCC – supporting and praying for our family and the work here. 
  2.  2. Home & Foreign Missions – taking care of our mission.
  3.  3. Session & Deacons Court – great spiritual and practical help.
  4.  4. Some of the local congregations in Scotland – helping practically. 
  5.  5. Thanks to CCC, for the great support they give faithfully. 
  6.  6. Some of our personal friends who help us personally and as a family. 
  7.  7. Some of our beloved friends who help our mission and the establishment Lord's work (USA, Singapore, and UK).

Prayer requests 

  1. 1. Pray for me and my family – for spiritual and physical blessings.
  2. 2. Pray for our young folk and families – to grow spiritually and know Christ more and witness in their life. 
  3. 3. Pray for new converts and new people to come.
  4. 4. Pray for the Sabbath School Children, to come to know Christ more.
  5. 5. Pray for our Kirk Session and Deacon's Court – more wisdom to guide His flock. 
  6. 6. Pray for our building project in Vavuniya – our current place is for sale  
  7. 7. Translating works – Psalms and sound books.

In His Service,

Rev  Partheepan N V Shanmugam 

Minister/ Pastor 

Free Church of Scotland (Cont) Ceylon 

(Reformed Protestant Mission)