Presbytery Fellowship In North Uist

Date: Wednesday, 10 June 2015
Author: Rev David M Blunt

On Saturday 30th May the Presbytery of the Outer Hebrides held its Fellowship in North Uist. The Fellowship is a regular event and is hosted by the six congregations in turn. Twenty-six adults and young people from the other congregations joined with members and adherents of the North Uist & Grimsay congregation for this latest Fellowship.

The Fellowship takes the form of a Question Meeting. For those unfamiliar with such a meeting a brief description may be helpful. The meeting begins with praise and prayer and the reading of the Word of God. The minister then asks one of the male members in the congregation to provide a ‘question’ for discussion – a text of Scripture which is related to the experience of those who have been brought from the state of sin and misery into the state of grace and are now walking with the Lord. When the text has been announced the minister ‘opens’ the question by setting the text in its context, explaining its leading doctrines and indicating the chief marks of grace revealed in it.

It is then the turn of the visiting male communicants to ‘speak to the question’, as they are called upon to do so by the minister of the host congregation. They try to say something of their experience in being brought to a saving knowledge of Christ and in living the life of grace and faith. The aim is to give glory to God for His mercy and to provide help to those present who may lack assurance of salvation. After the men have spoken another minister ‘closes’ the question, highlighting the main points which have been made by the men and if necessary correcting anything which has been said amiss. The man who gave out the question is then asked to pray, there is a final psalm and the meeting concludes with the Benediction.

On this occasion the text was given out by Mr John MacLean, elder, from Psalm 66:19,20: “But verily God hath heard me; he hath attended to the voice of my prayer. Blessed be God, which hath not turned away my prayer, nor his mercy from me.” The question was opened by Rev. Graeme Craig (Stornoway) and closed by Rev. Greg MacDonald (Cross). Six men spoke in a way that was felt to be profitable by those who were present. Afterwards a meal was served in Paible School and a most pleasant day was brought to a close with worship before the visitors left to catch their homeward ferry.

The congregation of North Uist & Grimsay are most thankful to those who made the journey to North Uist and above all grateful to the Lord for His help with the arrangements and His kindness in providing such an opportunity for Christian fellowship. We pray that the exercises of the day will be blessed to us all, producing lasting spiritual fruit among His people.