Portavogie Community Centre

Progress in Portavogie

Date: Friday, 08 April 2016
Author: Rev E Trevor Kirkland

The meetings in Portavogie, which are held in the Community Centre, have been warmly received by all who attend each Sabbath afternoon. In almost every service visitors have been an encouragement with their presence. Presently between 12 and 15 people attend the services. 

Additional meetings have also been arranged to consider such matters as, What is a Reformed Church? Future addresses (D.V.) will relate something of Free Church history before and after 1843. 

There is now a Facebook page dedicated to the Portavogie work where the sermons and addresses given will be uploaded. Readers are encouraged to use the site for news and information. Visit the page here.

The Lord willing our Home Mission Worker Mr Donald Morrison will be doing outreach work in Portavogie from Monday 18th April. We ask the congregations of the Church to pray for our brother as he labours in the district.