Report on 2016 Spring Conference

Date: Monday, 11 April 2016
Author: Rev Henry J T Woods

The Spring Conference was held in Inverness on Friday 25th March in the Kingsview Christian Centre (kindly loaned). The speaker was the Rev Trevor Kirkland, minister of Ballyclare & Doagh congregation in Northern Ireland.

2016 Spring Conference 2

The focal point of both talks was the Shorter Catechism. In the first talk the emphasis was on Preserving the People of God and in the second talk on Building the People of God. Both papers were well prepared, interesting and particularly practical for the situation facing the Church today.

2016 Spring Conference 3

The conference was very well attended and ample opportunity for fellowship was to be had during the meal breaks. Some friends are only caught up with at this conference and it has proven to be very worthwhile as a means of keeping us in touch with one another. There was an excellent bookstall and the catering was, as usual, to a high standard.

2016 Spring Conference 4

It is hoped that friends will make a conscious effort to 'pencil in' the date of the next conference which is Friday 14th April 2017 (D.V.). The talks from this year's conference are available here and here. It is highly recommended that you download them and benefit from the clear and useful applications Mr Kirkland made.