Report on 2018 Spring Conference

Date: Saturday, 07 April 2018
Author: Rev Murdo A N Macleod

This year's Spring Conference was held this year in Culloden-Balloch Baptist Church, Inverness, to whom we are grateful for their kind welcome. Over 100 friends gathered and were treated to two excellent addresses from Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed, Assistant Pastor at the Metropolitan Tabernacle, London. The Conference was chaired by Rev Murdo A N Macleod (Snizort).


Pastor Mohamed's subject was Relating to Other Religions and he dealt with this in terms of both principle and practice. In his first address he reminded us of the age-old conflict between true and false religion. At the heart of truth stands the cross of Christ without which we have neither message or power. From James 1:26 we were shown three marks of false religion: it has a semblance of truth but no reality, it is self-deceptive and it is invariably vain. True religion on the other hand will display a subdued tongue, a sacrificial heart and a sanctified life.


Following lunch we were led by Pastor Mohamed to Colossians 4:2-6. If we are to be effective witnesses for Christ we must seek by grace to cultivate what the Apostle sets before us in that passage. We need prayer: a continual watchfulness in prayer and in life. We must seek wisdom and a spirit of thanksgiving that redeems the time. Our words and actions are to be marked by caution and graciousness, being always "seasoned with salt". Pastor Mohamed concluded with some very helpful practical advice and this was followed by an interesting question and answer session.


As always singing played an important part in the day and two Psalmody sessions were ably led by Mr David Keddie, assisted by Mr Ruaraidh Macleod.