Ross-shire Minister Heads For Zambia

Date: Thursday, 27 March 2014

Poolewe & Aultbea minister Andrew Allan leaves the Highlands today as he embarks on a near three-week trip to Zambia.  Mr. Allan is our denomination's trustee on Covenant College Zambia Trust (CCZT).  The Trust comprises a College where Zambian pastors and students are taught the Reformed faith, a farm where the students are encouraged to grow food in a economical and efficient manner, and a christian schools education initiative.

Mr. Allan said: "This is my second trip so I know more of what to expect when I get to Zambia.  I enjoyed last year's trip immensely and I'm looking forward to meeting all connected with CCZT again.  My main duty is to attend the AGM of CCZT but while I'm out there I will be heading a Practice Preaching class.  I do intend to give some lectures covering matters like, 'preparing yourself to preach', 'application for your own people' and 'sustaining a preaching ministry', but the bulk of the time will be spent listening to the students preaching and seeking to evaluate their preaching in conjunction with the students."

He further commented: "The class will be very similar to the Evangelism Module that I and other students undertook whilst studying in our Seminary.  Each student would preach to their fellow students and lecturer and would then be critiqued where any mistakes or issues would be highlighted.  If conducted in the right manner it was a good experience for all concerned."

The Rev David Lachman is one of our ministers and he is currently Vice-Principal of the College.  "It will be good to catch up with David and his wife Katie again, said Mr. Allan, and to see Elijah, Ketzia and their new arrival Titus."


"Last year I went out I had very limited internet access because the Trust's satellite broadband equipment was damaged during a thunderstorm.  It has now been replaced and all being well I do hope to post updates from my visit on the Church website."