Scalpay Congregation's Refurbishments

Date: Monday, 20 January 2014
Author: Rev Kenneth Macdonald
The Scalpay congregation are thankful to the Lord for the way that they have been able to get title to the church building and are now in the process of carrying our needed renovations and improvements. 
This includes the exterior and interior painting, re-carpeting, new lighting and sound system.


By removing some seating from the church there has now been formed a large entrance hall with toilet and kitchen.
There is still some works to be done to the Session room but hopefully this also will be completed in the near future. It had been a blessing to see the vast majority of the work being carried out by members and adherents of the congregation. 
While we are thankful to the Lord for enabling us to do all this, we most of all pray that He would continue to build His Church in this blessed part of His vineyard.