Scottish Independence: Yes Or No?

Date: Tuesday, 08 July 2014
Author: Rev David M Blunt

We are all aware that a referendum on Scottish independence is to be held in September. The question we will be asked is, “Should Scotland be an independent country?”

The subject of Scottish independence formed the main part of the Public Questions, Religion & Morals Committee's Report to this year's General Assembly and the Committee's examination of the Scottish Government's proposals has now been put into booklet form. It is available on the Books page as a pdf which may be read online or downloaded and details will be found there of how to order a printed copy.

The booklet deals at length with the Union and Independence and notes the ecclesiastical opinion on both but its main concern is to ask and to answer the following questions which are deemed to be the most relevant: (1) Is independence as proposed likely to affect our national righteousness? (2) Is independence as proposed likely to affect our present establishment of religion? (3) Is independence as proposed likely to affect our present religious and civil liberties?

This is an issue which we need to weigh up carefully and we trust that the material contained in the booklet will provide helpful guidance to Christians as they give consideration to this important matter.