Scotts' European Trip Report

Date: Thursday, 13 August 2015
Author: Rev William B Scott

This recent trip to Spain was via the Czech Republic! Old friends received us with much joy as together we remembered former days under Communism. Rev Jan Vales is now retired, but with his wife, and others, he is engaged in a Prison ministry. Four times a year former prisoners, all of them converted while in prison, meet together to share what the Lord is doing for them since last they met. Some have served terms as much as twenty-five years. Two of them were allowed out for the day, but had to return to complete the rest of their sentences of twenty and twenty-five years. In prison they have discovered that real freedom comes from “Knowing the Truth” about themselves and about Christ.


(Above: Sharing a documentary)


(Above: Sharing a meal. Pastor Vales and his wife are serving.)

Out trip had taken us via Holland and former East Germany to the Czech Republic. That meant that our annual visit to Albi in France and Spain put on more miles as we had to come through Austria and Switzerland.


(Above: Isobel Scott beside a mountain of snow)

In Albi for a few days we renewed contact with Lilian Florian, still busy translating good books from English into French, the Haby family who fled from Rwanda, and Rev Tim Ross pastor and Bible Translator who works on a revision committee of the French Bible for the TBS.


(Above: Rev Jorge Ruiz with Rev Bill Scott)

The Rev Jorge Ruiz, admitted into our ministry at the recent General Assembly, works on that same committee as well as the Spanish one. Mr Ruiz, his wife and family are all well. The congregation are in good heart and D.V. we hope to see them at the end of August at their second annual get together, this time in Vitoria Gasteiz.