Skye LDOS Meeting

Date: Thursday, 20 November 2014
Author: Rev Richard R Ross
The Annual public meeting of the Skye branch of the Lord's Day Observance Society met in Portree on Friday evening.
The meeting began with the singing of Psalm 92, Rev W Weale then led the congregation in prayer, and Rev R Ross read from Isaiah 58.
The Rev John W Keddie was the speaker and he spoke on calling the Sabbath a delight. He showed that the law of the Sabbath was perpetual, being a Creation ordinance. He showed from Scripture that the Christian Sabbath was the first day of the week as instituted by the Lord Jesus in John 20. He spoke of how the secular world had invented the term "weekend", and how this term was unbiblical with the Lord's Day being the first day of the week.
He reminded the congregation of the sin of staying away from public worship on the Lord's Day when we were fit to attend. He concluded by exhorting the congregation to call the Sabbath a delight by setting aside all our own pleasure, and seeking the whole day for the worship of God.
After the lecture, the congregation enjoyed a time of fellowship around a cup of tea in the church hall.
The Skye branch of the LDOS plan to hold a public meeting for prayer in the spring of 2015, (DV).