Southern Presbytery Colloquium Report

Date: Friday, 19 December 2014
Author: Rev Andrew R Allan

The first ever Southern Presbytery Colloquium* was held last weekend in Shettleston Free Church (Continuing). 

Some nineteen individuals attended, coming mainly from congregations within the bounds of the Presbytery, although we were delighted to have present two from our Ballyclare & Doagh congregation in Northern Ireland.


Three papers were presented – two in the morning and one after lunch. First to address the brethren was retired minister Rev John J Murray, on “The Exercise – As Practiced in the Scottish Reformation". The soon to be ordained and inducted probationer Rev Alasdair J Macleod, Glasgow, then delivered his paper, “The Trinity in Christian Practise”.

After lunch Partick minister Rev Andrew R Allan delivered his paper, “John Owen – Communion with God". After each paper was delivered there was a fruitful question and answer session and lively discussion. It was felt that the experiment was worth continuing. The occasion had met a need for greater fellowship among brethren and it was hoped that it would become a pattern in due course for congregations. 


The next Colloquium was appointed provisionally for Saturday 20th June 2015. The organisers are busy selecting topics and appointing speakers who will address apt and appropriate Historical, Theological and Devotional subjects.

Audio recordings of the three addresses will be placed on the denominational website in due course. The first may be found here

*Colloquium - an academic conference or seminar.