Spanish Services In Edinburgh

Date: Monday, 22 December 2014
Author: Rev William B Scott

It doesn’t seem like three months since we welcomed Diego and Sarah Rodriguez, with twins Sofia and Daniela, and baby Natalie to our home. They fitted in so well, and at times it was exciting as we played “Caballo” (horse) with the twins together on my ageing back! Then of course there are the unexpected times when the lion goes roaring around and then the cry is “Come – come!” (more or less pronounced “com-me”, that is eat me!).

They have been made so welcome in our Edinburgh congregation as our folks have taken them to their hearts.

Diego was working as a waiter for a while, mostly for weddings, in an up-market hotel. I wonder if we realise just how far our society has fallen in recent years. The drinking, no subtle innuendos but straight out invitations, the drunkenness, and the outrageous dress of the females shows this to us if we don’t know it already. Christians having to work in such situations are in so much need of our prayers, that the Lord would keep them.

Sarah is working for her previous company. She is able to do this on the Internet some hours each day. Diego is in charge of the children then, and afterwards free to continue his studies with the internet Reformed Theological Academy under our dear brother the Rev. Jorge Ruiz. Sarah’s work is more than sufficient for their present needs. They now live in a largish house which is attached to a golf club not far from us here in Blackburn and they are putting their stamp on their new, comfortable and very suitable home.


Diego attends English classes twice a week and has enjoyed visits to the Southern Presbytery. He is so keen to know how we do things here in Scotland in our Church. When a visit for the Rev. Bill Scott to Colombia, for the end of next January into February, was being arranged, he was quick to offer to go with him. He will be a great help and it will be a wonderful opportunity for him to visit the land of his birth.

As of the second Lord’s Day of December we are thankful for our fifth Spanish Afternoon in the Church here in Edinburgh. After the morning service, the Spanish speakers in the congregation have a meal together (to help us in this a microwave suddenly appeared in our church kitchen!) then a worship service in Spanish. We have been listening/watching downloaded sermons of the Rev. Jorge Ruiz, practicing the Spanish Psalms to the old melodies from Calvin’s Geneva, reading a portion of the Westminster Confession of Faith, and then having a discussion time. If you know or hear of any Spanish speakers, or anyone studying Spanish, in or around Edinburgh, do let us know.

We said farewell to Daniel on the Lord’s Day past and saw him off on the plane home to Mexico. We miss him already but D.V., we will welcome him again, this time with his wife, when he returns in a few months to “defend his discourse for his Ph.D.” He would dearly love to find work here in Scotland. Edinburgh Free Church (Continuing) is very much his spiritual home.