Sri Lanka Mission Messenger September-Novembert 2013

Date: Monday, 02 December 2013
Author: Rev Shanmugam N V Partheepan

Dear friends,

It is always lovely to write with news from the centre of Sri Lanka and wonderful for us to have the opportunity to share the good news of our Lord Jesus in our town. I am sure that you are also looking forward to see what new things are happening in Sri Lanka.

Ministry: Our family are doing well by the grace of God. God is very faithful to us. He is upholding us in miraculous ways. All matters are working for the good of His people.

We have felt Godʼs grace upon our worship services. We have 14 adults in attendance in the morning and 18 in the evening, together with 45 children! These children have come from Selvanagar, where our pre school work is. We had run bible classes for them on Saturdays, and when we asked if they wanted to come along to our church for Sabbath school and the worship service they were very interested to come along.

We continue to meet midweek on Thursday and teach through the Heidelberg catechism. There are six indiviudals who faithfully attend week by week.

We had a nice communion season on the weekend of the 17th of November 2013. The preparatory service was taken by Rev. J. Kery Thayanath and the weekend services were taken by Rev. S. Vijenthiran (VJ) from Trinity Reformed Presbyterian Church. I officiated at the table. We had a really blessed time in Christ.

I have finished a series of sermons on the letters to the seven churches in Revelations and have now started a new series on the Lordʼs prayer. I ask that you remember my labours in these matters in your prayers.


We have now moved to a new rented site. This place is very suitable for our people to meet in to worship. I found that people were uncomfortable having to come to worship in our home, therefore we planned to move and God has opened this door to us, so that we now have a more suitable venue for the next 5 years, God willing. We are very thankful to Ceylon Christian Care (CCC), who have agreed to cover all our rent and our to our church and local friends who paid the deposit money. This site is not very far away from our home and very easy for public transport.


We had our youth outing in September 2013, 50 young people attended and the messages were really good and blessed.


YouthGirlsAs you know, in October 2013, we started bible classes for local ministers. In November we had the next meeting of the classes. Eight students attended on this occasion, but four others who were expected were absent. Rev. VJ taught systematic theology. It was a really nice time and the students enjoyed it. Our next classes will be on the 3rd and 4th of December 2013, God willing. I am going to teach on an introduction to the Old Testament and on Preaching Christ from it. Please pray for this ministry.

Thanks be to God, our Sabbath school is going and growing. There are now around 45 children who are coming and we send a bus to collect them and to bring them into the church. CCC is covering the cost of the transport and also for the expense of refreshments for them. We have five volunteer teachers from our congregation and they are very supportive. Please pray for these children and their families.

We have also started a youth meeting every Monday at our church. At present six young folk attend and they are trying to invite their friends as well. Please remember to pray for this ministry.

Practical ministry:

In October, the CCC board of directors visited me and encouraged me in the work of the Lord. I thank God that He is using CCC to support His ministry in Sri Lanka. If I listed all that they have provided in terms of practical help, it would be a very long list. What I will say, is that most of our practical ministry expenditure is being covered by them.

Mr Maran is continuing to help in the various matters of practical ministry. He is doing well and working hard for the Lordʼs name sake.

CCC financed the reprinting of JC Ryleʼs book on the duties of parents (translated into Tamil). We have reprinted 1,000 copies. Our work on the psalter translation however, is going very slowly; please pray for this work.

Please pray for those involved in CCC and thank God that he has given them a burden to help in our ministry.

Some of you have greatly helped us in practical ways, the Lord knows your hands and He will help you too. Several people from Scotland and other countries have been calling and encouraging us, we are very thankful for your phone calls and prayers.

My personal note of thanksgiving:

  • Thank you to all who pray for me and for the Lordʼs work in Sri Lanka

  • Thank you to all who have helped in a practical manner

  • Thank you to those who continue to support me in various ways

  • Thank you for your concern

  • Thank you to CCC

  • Thank you to the Home and Foreign Mission Board of the FCC

    Prayer requests:

  • Pray for me and the ministry of the Word of God

  • Pray for the outworking of the practical ministries to Godʼs glory

  • Pray for the people and families of our congregation

  • Pray that Godʼs will will be done

  • Pray for the land of Sri Lanka

Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.”

In His service