Third Zambia Update

Date: Thursday, 10 April 2014
Author: Rev Andrew R Allan

The students gather for worship morning and evening during the days when they are at the College. In the morning session they begin by singing a Psalm from our Scottish Psalter. It is good to hear them sing in their deep African voices. However their range of tunes is limited. I offered my services to seek to help them learn a couple of new tunes. They readily agreed and I have been trying to teach them Ps 36:5-10 (London New) and Ps 80:14-19 (Morven). I'm not sure how successful I've been, but they are keen to learn and I do hope I will be able to broaden their range of tunes, albeit in a small measure.

I believe the Practice Preaching class was well received and the seven students did benefit from having their preaching critiqued in a manner only designed to help them and their hearers. The class finished on Thursday at noon.


With the students, left to right, Nelson Tembo, Levison Zimba, Issac K Phiri, Jairos Nyirenda, Issac Phiri, Blessed Mwale and Kenany Zulu.

Today we had another power cut. This is not unusual but it was off for a longer period than what I'm accustomed to.

Sad to report that some of my students and others on the campus have been affected by Malaria.

My next duty is to attend the AGM of Covenant College Zambia Trust, being our denomination's trustee on the Trust. The meeting began with a farm visit for the trustees on Thursday afternoon, but the AGM does not properly begin until Thursday evening and is scheduled to continue until Saturday at noon.

Glad to announce that my relationship with my resident rat came to an abrupt end at 1.02am on Tuesday morning. He was finally caught in one of the two mouse traps I set. When I heard the disturbance I quickly got out of bed and hit him with the heel of my shoe before he was able to escape from the trap. It had been a real pest and I'm glad to see the back of it. However, I can hear more rats in the roof space. I only hope they stay there and don't venture into my living space!