Vavuniya Module Bible Classes

Date: Friday, 11 October 2013
Author: Rev Andrew R Allan

As you may remember Parthee hoped to start module bible classes for local pastors and students in the vicinity of Vavuniya.

On Wednesday past (9 October), they had the opening class where they invited some men.  As you can see from some of the photos, there was a goodly number of about 30.


The hope is that 6 of these men will study as students and that others will also attend the classes (but not in order to attain any qualification/certificate).

Parthee will be helped by his brother Vijay, who is a minister in Sri Lanka too.  He will take some of the lectures in the course, together with Kerey (another Sri Lankan who was also trained in FC(C) seminary several years ago and is in the same denomination as Vijay) and the Rev Bala (a Tamil who preaches in New Zealand, who Parthee often refers to in his newsletters - Rev Bala has translated a wealth of good material into Tamil).


Do remember Parthee and his wife, Dino and the work in your prayers.  Also, the Parthee support fund (more details here).

(Our thanks to Murray Mackay for the report)