The Château de Pau in the centre of the city

Visit to Pau

Date: Monday, 20 March 2017
Author: Rev Jorge Ruiz Ortiz

Dear brethren,

I would like to inform you concerning our recent visit to Pau in the south of France, near the border with Spain, which took place from 24th-26th February.

On Friday our family was present at the Trinitarian Bible Society meeting in Toulon. Hugues Pierre was also present, and we returned with him to Pau.

On Saturday afternoon we went to Hugues’ house. There we (Hugues and I) had an interview with Marina and Nicholas (a young couple, married without children). Marina is Hugues’ sister. We had a very good conversation, where they talked about their conversion and faith in the Lord Jesus. Afterwards, we had another interview with Paolo and Margot (a middle-aged couple, of Portuguese origin, married with four children, Morganne, Jérémy, Jourdan and Luna). Paulo suffers from multiple sclerosis. They have been meeting with Hugues and Diane for four years now. They talked about how their conversion and faith in the Lord has helped them to endure Paulo’s sickness. It was a very blessed time.

After the meetings, we had a fraternal supper in Hugues’ home.

On the Lord’s Day, we had only one service, in the morning. Before the service, we (Hugues and I) had another interview, with Marie Christine and Stanislas (a middle-aged couple, married and with a young daughter, Harmonie). They talked also about their faith in the Lord Jesus and their lives as Christians.

The service in Pau took place in a flat belonging to Diane’s grandmother, which is just besides Hugues and Diane’s home. During the service, the three couples made public confession of faith before the congregation. I preached on 1 Corinthians 10:16-17. After the message, we had our first Lord’s Supper, and all the group (except Marie Christine, because she wants to resolve first some doubts concerning her life), communicated.


After the service we went to Paulo and Margot’s home, where we had a fraternal meal.

The group in Pau therefore is composed of fifteen persons, eight of whom are communicant adult members (Hugues, Diane, Marina, Nicholas, Paulo, Margot, Stanilas, and in principle also Marie Christine) and seven children (Rachel, Élysée, Morganne, Jérémie, Jourdan, Luna and Harmonie).

At the meal, there were also present Marianne, the mother of Hugues, and her companion, Vincent. She is a believer with a warm faith in the Lord. She wants to resolve her civil status in order to also become a member, God willing, next summer. Regarding Vincent, he is a very kind man, but at this moment he has not yet publicly professed his faith (a similar case to Óscar in Bilbao).  

We enjoyed a very nice and richly blessed fellowship with the brethren in Pau. They are the fruit of the testimony of Hugues and Diane. Clearly, the Lord has bestowed a pastoral gift on Hugues, and Diane, despite her youth, is a wonderful help for Hugues in his ministry. Hugues is totally devoted to the studies in the seminary. He is also willing to translate material from my blog “Westminster Hoy”, and even to add subtitles to my video messages, in order to launch the same blog in French. He is also willing to pay a visit to the brethren in Rubí, during this current month.

The brethren were very encouraged and they are willing to visit us in Bilbao for the next Lord’s Supper (it should be on 23rd April, to facilitate the attendance of the Pau brethren). Likewise, it would be wonderful if our Bilbao group would be able to visit them for the last Sabbath of August (our next planned visit to Pau). There is a youth hostel there, belonging to the same organization as the hostel in Miranda, just 100 metres from Hugues’ home.

Kind regards,