Worthy To Be Praised CD Volume 10

Date: Wednesday, 18 December 2013
Author: Rev William B Scott

The psalm singers who gather to record our well received 'Worthy To Be Praised' CDs are happy to announce that they recently recorded the first four tunes for the 'Worthy To Be Praised' Volume 10 double CD. The next four tunes are scheduled to be recorded with our congregation in Aberdeen in February.

The long term goal is to present twelve completed double volumes each with twelve tunes giving one hundred and forty four in all out of the one hundred and ninety two melodies in our present Psalter.

If you wish to purchase any of the 'Worthy To Be Praised' CDs (Vol 1 – Vol 9) please click this link http://sing-the-psalms.webs.com

If you wish to hear a preview of one of the tunes to be found on the 'Worthy To Be Praised' Vol 10 (due to be released in May 2014) please click below.