Zambia Visit Update

Date: Thursday, 03 April 2014
Author: Rev Andrew R Allan

I arrived on time in Lusaka, Zambia, around noon on Friday 28th March and was met by the Rev David Lachman, vice-Principal of Covenant College.  We stayed overnight at Old MacDonald's Farm, Lusaka, where I met for the first time Lewis born couple Don and Christine MacDonald. The farm is the home of the MacDonald's and to several of Lusaka's many orphans.  Currently the MacDonald's are building a new school on site.


We left the MacDonald's on Saturday and made our way to Petauke, Eastern Province, travelling for around five hours and arrived at Covenant College just before7.00pm. After meeting Katie Lachman and two of the Lachman's children Elijah and Ketzia and having some refreshments, I then went to my chalet where I am staying during my time at the College.

Did not sleep well on Saturday night as I discovered I was sharing the accommodation with a rat.  As I lay down to sleep I heard a noise and put the light on to discover a rat walking around the top of the kitchen sink!  I then saw it cooly go back up into the roof space before I could get a chance to have a swipe at it.  I haven't seen it again but I'm sure I've heard it.

Went to worship at a nearby local church with the Lachman's on Sunday morning and we're warmly welcomed by the Zambians. The preacher was Kenany Zulu, one of the College students.


Was tired on Sunday so went to bed earlier than usual but any hopes of getting off to sleep quickly we're dashed when I discovered a mouse.  There are a couple of mouse traps where I'm staying so I set them up hoping to catch it.  I didn't succeed at first but eventually around 10.00pm on Monday night it was caught.

On Monday, being a College free day, I was able to visit four local pre-schools with Marjanne Hendriksen, from the Covenant College Zambia Trust's Children Education Mission.  It was good to see first hand the sterling work undertaken by Marjanne in very challenging and primitive conditions. I took out a batch of cards that were given to me by Isobel Ann Macleod, Snizort, and gave them to Marjanne. These are used greeting cards with a text of Scripture, in the native language, printed on them. Some of them were distributed while I was there and the children are eager and delighted to receive them.



On Tuesday morning I began the Practical Preaching course with the students. I gave a couple of lectures and preached from Luke 23:42. There are seven students and they each have to preach four times from predetermined texts. Following the preaching the lecturer and the other six students critique what has just been preached with a view to help the student become a better preacher of God's Word.  I was with the students for fours hours on Tuesday, six hours on Wednesday. 

As I write this I can hear the jungle drums beating at a nearby village.  It may be just social dancing, but more likely the witch doctor will be involved.  This land, like our own, needs the light of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.