18 May General Assembly CORONAVIRUS UPDATE


The Assembly Arrangements & Nominations Committee met on recently to consider matters relating to the meeting of the 2020 General Assembly in the light of the current situation.

It was evident that for various reasons it would not, in the Lord’s providence, be practicable for the Assembly to meet in the normal manner this year. The following was agreed by the Committee as a recommendation to the Assembly:

The Assembly should be constituted, as indicted, in Edinburgh on Monday 18th May 2020, with the meeting taking place mainly by teleconference.

At the meeting on 18th May, subject to the agreement of the Assembly, the Assembly will, after a few preliminaries, consider only at that time a Report by the AAN Committee. The Assembly will then suspend to meet in Inverness on Tuesday 6th October. The fact it is being suspended rather than adjourning to meet will give a degree of flexibility, should it be impossible to meet on the said date.

The Assembly will reconvene on Tuesday 6th October at 1 pm and continue business with a brief break for refreshments until around 8:30 pm.

The Assembly will resume on Wednesday 7th October at 9 am, with the intention being that the Assembly can close by 3 pm.