Sexual Lewdness Celebrated in Glasgow

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August 15, 2019
Dores Youth Conference 2019
August 21, 2019
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Sexual Lewdness Celebrated in Glasgow

Glasgow’s love affair with vile sexual perversion continues to bring shame upon the city and sadden many right-minded people.

Recently the second pride march was held in the city only a month after the previous.


Following last year’s Pride Glasgow (PG) event, Glasgow City Council refused to grant permission to PG to stage an event outside the council owned Riverside Museum this year.  Last year PG failed to repay debts which led the Council to withhold permission.

This along with major ticketing issues blighted the 2018 march, resulting in a split among the organisers.

Some went ahead and organised the Mardi Gla Pride parade in July 2019, while others ran the Pride Glasgow event last Saturday.

Several hardy members and associates of Partick Free Church (Continuing) staged a witness at the Pride Glasgow event similar to the stance they took at the previous parade in July.

We gathered for prayer on Friday evening  to seek the Lord’s blessing and protection.  On Saturday we took up our position on Buchanan Street and prayed before David Beveridge and Andrew Allan engaged in preaching.

When the parade arrived at St Vincent Street most went to join the crowd and displayed their scripture posters to all around.

Some of the images taken at the parade show rude hand gestures been made to the Christians.

After the parade had passed everyone returned to our preaching stance.  Tracts were handed out and hecklers interacted with the preacher resulting in a crowd forming.

We believe it was a worth-while exercise where many seeds were sown. Ultimately we will only know in eternity if there will be fruit from our labours.

We are happy to acknowledge that we were not the only group active. Other concerned Christians mounted their own witness also.

(Thanks to The Gospel Mission, Glasgow UK, for permission to use the images)