In 2015 the General Assembly admitted Rev. Dr. Jorge Ruiz Ortiz an ordained minister of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing), his work in Spain, principally in Rubí near Barcelona, and elsewhere being taken under the oversight of the Home & Foreign Missions Committee. In 2016 a Kirk Session was established in Spain, under the supervision of the Committee. Subsequently a preaching station was started in Pau, France, under the care of Dr. Ruiz Ortiz.

The 2021 General Assembly reorganised the Spanish Mission, disjoining the work in France from the work in Spain and sanctioning Rubí and Pau as duly Sanctioned Charges, with their own Kirk Sessions and Deacons’ Courts and with Dr. Ruiz Ortiz as Minister of the Rubí Congregation. The Assembly erected these mission works into the Presbytery of Navarre & Aragon. On 30th October 2021, Rev. Hugues Pierre, Probationer, was ordained and inducted to Pau. Assessor elders have been appointed by the General Assembly to support the Presbytery and are also involved in the individual Kirk Sessions.

On 27th June 2022, the Presbytery received a petition from a congregation in Braga, Portugal, asking to be brought under its oversight. The Presbytery appointed Dr. Ruiz Ortiz as interim moderator and members of the Presbytery will serve as assessor elders.

Rubí (Spain)

Minister: Rev. Dr. Jorge Ruiz Ortiz (inducted 2014)
Contact: (landline) (00) 34 947 33 06 76; (email)
Place of Worship: C/ Pitágoras 3, 08191 Rubí, Barcelona, Spain.
Lord’s Day Services: 12:00noon & 5:00pm.
Prayer Meeting: Friday 7:00pm.
Elder: Mr. Wilson Calle (landline) (00) 34 931 824 810.

In addition to pastoring his congregation Dr. Ruiz Ortiz is engaged in translation work for the Trinitarian Bible Society and runs an online seminary for Spanish-speaking students.

Pau (France)

Minister: Rev. Hugues Pierre (inducted 2021)
Contact: (mobile) (00) 33 6 08 28 29 17; (email)
Place of Worship: 7 Rue Saint François d’Assise, 64000 Pau, France.
Lord’s Day Service: 11:00am & 3:30pm.

Braga (Portugal)

Interim-Moderator: Rev. Dr. Jorge Ruiz Ortiz
Contact: (landline) (00) 34 947 33 06 76; (email)
Place of Worship: Rua Cardoso Avelino, 23, Loja 70, 4700-212, Ed. Cruz de Pedra, Braga, Portugal.
Lord’s Day Service: 10:30am.
Sabbath School: 12:00noon.
Bible Study & Prayer Meeting: Lord’s Day 3:00pm.
Local Contact: Mr. Heraldo Almeida
(mobile and WhatsApp) (00) 351 963780196.
(e-mail) and

Further information is available from the Home & Foreign Missions Committee.