Spring Conference Report

Spring Conference Broadcast
April 5, 2023
2023 General Assembly
May 18, 2023
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Spring Conference Report

The annual Spring Conference of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) took place on Friday 7th April in Westhill Church, Inverness. The speakers were Rev. John Keddie (rtd), a former lecturer in Church History & Principles in the Free Church Seminary, and his successor in the post, Rev. Trevor Kirkland, Minister of the Ballyclare & Doagh Congregation. The meeting was chaired by Rev. Greg MacDonald, Minister of the Cross Congregation and the Moderator of the 2022 General Assembly.

The subject of the conference was Patrick Hamilton and George Wishart, two of the early reformers and martyrs in Scotland. Mr Keddie said regarding Patrick Hamilton: “In his short life he spread the tenets of evangelical Lutheran doctrines to Scotland. For this, he suffered from the Roman Catholic establishment and was burned at the stake in St Andrews on 29 February 1528. Far from stamping out Reformation principles, that shocking event was a trigger for reformation.” Mr. Kirkland commented concerning George Wishart: “Without him, Knox would be unthinkable. In addition, Wishart was the catalyst for galvanising the whole Reformed community to begin making a public stand for truth as opposed to the previous policy of silence.”

L-R: Rev. Greg MacDonald, Rev. Trevor Kirkland, Rev. John Keddie

The Publications Committee, who organise the Conference, are aware of the ignorance among Scottish people today regarding the Reformation and how much we owe to such men as Hamilton and Wishart. The addresses were well received and led to profitable discussion. About forty-five people of all ages attended the conference, coming from different parts of Scotland and a variety of churches.

The conference was also broadcast live, allowing people unable to attend the venue to hear the addresses. God willing the recordings will available on the website soon.